Presentation Training for Business and Social Media

Social distancing will be with us for some time. Most of us will continue to use Zoom and Teams and video to talk to clients and teams – and to win and retain business.

Many think it’s easy to be effective on video. It isn’t. Just as before Covid-19, people judge you and your business when they hear and watch you speak on video. If your competition does it better – if their message is clearer, and they appear more warm, effective and “human”- they win, you lose.

We show you how to be more convincing, natural , and appealing to do business with- online and in person. Presenting – online or off – is too vital to leave to chance. It’s what sets you apart. It’s the difference that makes the difference.


  • Experience : Over 30 years experience – working in 9 countries, with over 60 nationalities and 70 organisations

  • Results: From winning billions in new business, to rising share prices, being offered promotion, or jobs with competitors – these are what some of my clients have achieved after working with me. Getting your message heard, understood and acted upon. My programmes have been refined and honed over 30 years. They are highly practical, easy to apply, massively save time – and just work. They deliver results every time. Guaranteed.

  • Background: My background includes 5 years in the Army, 2 years in a merchant bank and 6 years with Procter & Gamble.

  • Track record: My experience has been built serving clients in investment banking, retailing, manufacturing, technology, facilities management, property, media, oil and gas, music and film, to name a few.

  • Continuing Professional Development: For over 25 years, I have invested over 20 days a year in my own personal and professional development.

  • Values: Integrity, Quality, Results second to none, Value for Time, Exceed Expectations

  • No Risk Guarantee: When we work together, you will at the very least double your presenting effectiveness. Or your money back

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Ovation App

Presenting masterfully does not come easily to most of us.

Ovation is designed to help you excel at presenting and public speaking – naturally and powerfully. It will help you gain an advantage over your competition.

The Ovation app is crammed with powerful, practical and tested tools for giving you that edge.

It’s interactive…

+ Use the Voice tab to record parts of your presentation – then send it via the app for feedback!

There are….

7 Videos to help hone your performance

+ Over 30 videos that answer FAQs sent in via Social Media, with more being added all the time

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And there’s more!

+ A Structure for Successful Powerful Presenting

+ 49 minutes of Audio Masterclass

+ Wit & Wisdom – inspiring and witty quotes from famous people for you to use in speeches and pitches