Interested in improving your social media? Ask JP.

Hello – I’m Jonathan Pollinger, a freelance social media trainer plus I can show you show to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams too. I’m here to help you love social media, Zoom and Teams as much as I do.

Social media works best when it’s authentic. Social media management is all well and good, but no one can tell the story of your business as well as you can.

My mission as a social media trainer is to equip you to grow your business using social media and help you make the most of working remotely. I do this by providing tailored training, using the latest tips, tools and techniques. This will make your social media work hard and your Zoom and Teams meetings run smoothly. Virtual meetings don’t have to be boring.

Social media can make a huge difference to your business or organisation as they can help achieve your objectives. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks can raise awareness of your business or charity, help you to attract more customers, as well as boost sales and profits. With working from home becoming more common, I can also show you how to use Zoom and Teams like a pro. This will ensure that you to work effectively whether you are collaborating with colleagues or presenting to clients you’ll be able to keep them interested and engaged.

My background

I’ve been working as a social media trainer providing straightforward, practical training for small businesses and charities since 2009…before social media for business was a thing! Before that I’d always been interested in brining people together using technology, just as social media does today.

It’s my speciality and my passion – and I have over 110 testimonials on LinkedIn to prove it.

Over the past eleven years, I’ve worked with small businesses, PR and social media agencies, charities, an MP, local government, business owners, other freelancers and more recently social media influencers.

“Jonathan combines precise technical expertise with a tolerant and humane approach towards those of us who have been a little slow on the uptake with new media.”

Martin Horwood, Former MP for Cheltenham.

“I’ve been blown away by the number of business enquiries I’ve received from Twitter since my training with Jonathan. Brilliant!”

Sarah Townsend, Sarah Townsend Editorial Limited

“The training was fantastic – very much targeted towards our team and what we do, so we didn’t waste time with things that we already knew.”

Jo Evans, Degreeplus Manager, University of Gloucestershire