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Thank you for joining us for another edition of this newsletter - we hope you enjoy it. When we set out to compile this month's issue we had no idea things were going to turn out how they are in our community and the rest of the world, so we've made a few tweaks in order to adapt to the situation, whilst going on with a 'business as usual' attitude as far as possible. We're still here for you, and not planning on going anywhere. Well, we're not even allowed to go anywhere anyway!

Some of our directory members have had to cut their costs and leave - we understand and are sorry to see them go - sending much love for the months ahead. Most have decided to remain and we are doing our best to support, promote and inspire you all as we go through this together. The community spirit and loyalty of local businesses sticking together is heartwarming to behold.

The Cheltenham Noticeboard Facebook group has reached a whole new level of nuts. Thank you to the admins who are helping keep this running smoothly.

If anyone is feeling overwhelmed about what is going on, we have accountants giving advice about what you are entitled to claim, and wellness professionals on hand to give advice on emotional wellbeing and mindset. Don't be afraid to ask - we can refer you to someone who can help.

Watching The News is a lot for anyone to take on board. All of us are affected by the crisis in some way or other. Not only are we absorbing information from the media but also the opinions of everyone around us and our social media connections. It's a LOT. It's wise to limit how much exposure you are getting to this overload and how much attention you are giving to it. Even factual information can have a negative effect on how you feel. Keep bringing your focus back to what you CAN control and reminding yourself to let go of what you CAN'T. Helping each other through it and being kind is the best way forward.

Sal & Debs x

COVID-19: Rapid Response Appeal

'An appeal to support our amazing NHS staff. Our hospitals are under increasing pressure as a result of COVID-19. Donations to this appeal will help us to respond quickly for our staff, supporting them wherever the need is greatest.'

Karen Organ, Senior Fundraiser for the charity, is actually going to shave her hair off for this appeal. That will be a must see! Follow the charity on Facebook to keep updated on its appeal and click here for Karen's JustGiving page.





I have no idea how to find Season 1 but stumbled on Season 2 of this so thought we'd give it a watch. It was captivating enough to stop Mark playing the guitar on the sofa. He asked me if I thought the main bloke was good looking. "Yes," I said, "if he was playing the part of a nicer guy I think he would be attractive. His drugging and abuse of women I find slightly off-putting so far." I couldn't work out where I'd seen the leading actress before, but research revealed she was in Downton Abbey. I guessed correctly that the Scottish lady was in Monarch of the Glen and the police detective was Lady Mae from Mr Selfridge but I didn't guess that the guy playing Liam had been in Top Boy. It all makes sense now. More about the cast HERE. Do you also find yourself trying to place all the faces when you're watching something? "Oooh I know that face, I've seen her/him before... but where?"


'A love story about three people who are made for each other.' This is well acted with believable and likeable characters. 'Trigonometry is about negotiating new relationships with compassion and humour. Set in a city that can feel cold and unfriendly, at a time when we’re more divided than ever, this is a show about love.' It's a fascinating watch.


Love Stories with Dolly Alderton are such a great listen. Honestly. I'm not even going to describe them.


In March we welcomed DK Robinson and Root Electrical!

DK Robinson - Author

Who Are You?

While you're in lockdown here's a good read for you, available on Amazon. Let your friends know. How about ordering it for your online Book Club and discuss it on WhatsApp or HouseParty video calling?

The best books are the ones that make you feel. Diana Robinson will enthral you through this epic psychological thriller, written as devilishly gripping as Dion, the debonair lover-turned nightmare husband, and as emotionally perplexing as Elizabeth, the nurse who fell for the man she never truly understood.

Was he a devil in disguise, or was he suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness?

This tale, based on a true story will magnetise you while you are in lockdown. Put your feet up for a change and be inspired by how Elizabeth manages a life most couldn't.

This is Diana's first novel.

Born and raised on a remote farm in South Africa, Elisabeth Pieterse, a young, naive trainee nurse meets Dion Du Toit, a wickedly handsome salesman whose suave exterior hides a monster within that she discovers only after their wedding.

His addictions, adultery and insatiable desire to be in the limelight turn their lives into a roller coaster of erotic highs and death-defying lows leaving leading psychiatrists confused and Elizabeth shattered. She knows instinctively that if she wants to stay alive it is safer to remain with him.

Finally, in a courageous but ill-advised attempt to quickly resolve her company's financial problems, caused by Dion, Elizabeth then fails to answer the one telephone call that would have changed the course of her life forever.

Order Now


Ethan has set up on his own after many years working alongside his father. During this time of worry, Ethan is on hand to help ensure people's safety. Because we are spending more time at home with a variety of electrical appliances running continuously, the risk of electrical faults will increase. If you do have any urgent electrical work please get in touch with Ethan; he is working to high standards to ensure he stays safe and keeps everyone else safe.

Root was introduced by Rosie Reynolds Marketing - thank you for recommending us, Rosie! x


Search Directory


Government Support for Self Employed Businesses

info from Cole Accounting, Charlton Gray and iLex Accounting

Cole Accounting has been constantly reviewing its services and for a while now looking to offer direct business consultancy alongside the accounting services - with the current Corona Virus situation many clients have expressed some concern and asked for advice to get through the coming months. So we have decided to bring the service forward and we are delighted to say it is available with immediate effect to help you plan and adapt.

The Business support will be delivered on behalf of Cole Accounting by Paul Holmes - Managing Director of PCH Business Support.

Paul has been working closely over the last 9 months with Cole Accounting to redevelop the way that we run the business - this has had a dramatic impact on turnover, stability, efficiency and our processes. We can confidently say that it is due to these changes to the business and to the way we work, that we are in a strong position to come through the coming months and be in good position to grow again into the Autumn. Without Paul's support the prospect of Cole surviving this crisis might have been very different.

Paul will offer a 90 minute mini review - looking at the business, testing the proposition, looking at challenges, opportunities and next steps.

Specifically at this time Paul will be able to look at the business options to deal with the challenges that Corona Virus is having on your business as well as insights into how best to create a plan to survive, how to adapt your services to create additional revenue, look at creating at least one online service idea, all of which will strengthen the business to be fitter and leaner once the current situation passes.

For now, the support will run virtually using Zoom but will revert back to in-person in the future, as soon as it’s safe to do so. After the initial review, options for further ongoing business support will be available.

If you would like more information or to book a business review/support session then please do email me or call 01242 371137.

Danielle Cole, Director of Cole Accounting Limited

01242 371137 / 07899772119


Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme

Here's the link which was shared by Jane Gray at Charlton Gray.

NOTE: You cannot apply for this scheme yet. HMRC will be in contact with those business owners to whom it will apply.


Here's the link (also via Charlton Gray) to the BBC News article about it being unveiled: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52053914

and the link to Business Support: www.businesssupport.gov.uk

What You Can Claim

This table from The Times, helps show what people can claim or should I say, should be able to claim. Obviously there are different eligibility criteria that would need to be meet. Just remember if you are employed and self employed and your self employment income is the lower of the two, you will not qualify for the self employment grant.

This information was via Holly at iLex Accountancy Services Ltd, who is a member of Kate Starkey's MumBoss Club, so I saw it in there and am sharing it here with Holly's permission.


(What is that?!) Let Sarah Wilkinson of S. Wilkinson HR Consulting Ltd tell you....

On 20 March 2020, the Chancellor announced a package of support for businesses affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, including grants available under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The scheme is intended to support employers to continue paying employees who would otherwise be made redundant or put on an unpaid period of lay-off. It is open to all employers with a PAYE scheme, including public-sector employers and charities.

Under the scheme, employers can contact the HMRC for a grant to cover up to 80% of the wages of their workforce who remain on their payroll but are temporarily not working during the Coronavirus outbreak (a Furlough Worker).

Up to £2,500 will be available per worker, per month, backdated to 1st March and initially open for 3 months. We expect the first grants to be paid in the coming weeks.

Practical guidelines are changing almost daily and in the absence of legislation for these unprecedented times, together with others in the employment law and HR profession, we are having to make some ‘educated guesses’. This means that no legal advice on this subject should be taken as gospel at this early stage. Without the regulations being written we are having to proceed without the sort of reassurance lawyers can normally offer.

I have therefore produced this document after many discussions with other Employment Law Solicitors and HR professionals, with the caveat that it is based on our best guesses from many years’ experience, but also based on the limited information available at the moment… this is a working document and I will continue to share key updates.


The key principles of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are to save jobs and protect the economy.

Here are the main points to take away:

1. Unless your business has a contractual right to lay-off workers, it will need to obtain the worker's agreement to be placed on furlough leave. This is unlikely to present an issue in most situations, if the worker is aware that the alternative is compulsory redundancy or a period without pay.

2. Start by identifying the roles and requirements needed by the business. Have open and honest conversations with your workers. The best decisions you can make at this point in time are to preserve jobs and skills for the future.

3. The Government has not indicated any plans to make a change to the general law around unfair dismissal, and even if they did it would need to go through a full act of Parliament which would take weeks. That said, providing you can demonstrate you have acted reasonably and fairly, we expect some leeway.

4. It would arguably be good practice to have a simple record of some sort of selection exercise in relation to anyone you are asking to furlough, in case you are asked by HMRC at some point further down the line to justify your use of the scheme in relation to them. Another reason to have some sort of selection exercise first is in case you subsequently have to select people for redundancy – you don’t want them arguing it was a foregone conclusion because you’d asked them to furlough.

5. Regarding holiday, (subject to the terms of the contract) you may be able to require your workers to take holiday under the Working Time regulations 1998 Regulation 15:

“(2) A worker’s employer may require the worker—

(a)to take leave to which the worker is entitled under regulation 13(1); or

(b)not to take such leave,

on particular days, by giving notice to the worker in accordance with paragraph (3).”

Essentially, this means you could make the furloughed worker use up the holiday rather than letting them accrue more holiday indefinitely. You may also be able to use a combination of holiday and furloughing.

If this isn’t expressly written into the contract as outlined above, it could be acceptable to communicate to workers the business need to temporarily deviate from its usual policies and procedures during the COVID-19 crisis.

Remember that:

Forcing furlough leave on someone could potentially be taken as constructive dismissal, or even argued as an actual dismissal/proposed re-engagement. Although, if you are offering to pay them 100% during furlough leave, then there wouldn’t seemingly be much point in them pursuing either of these claims.

BUT if workers are faced with either compulsory redundancy, unpaid leave or accepting 80% salary, one would expect most workers to accept the lower salary. Employers can top this up if they wish, but there is no requirement to do so.

You will need to submit information to HMRC about the workers who have been furloughed and their earnings, through a new online portal (this is TBC). HMRC are working urgently to set up this system as they do not have a method to facilitate this currently.

Frequently asked questions (so far):

Is the 80% gross? Yes, and then taxed as normal.

Can you reduce wages to the 80%? Yes, there is no obligation for employers to top this back up to 100%. Workers facing a salary reduction may be eligible for support like Universal Credit.

If someone is off sick and receiving sick pay, can they request furlough instead? Possibly.

If on furlough leave, can workers take a second job? The rules around this are unclear, but it may be permissible. Furloughing is only with a specific employer, and it doesn’t prevent the employee from working elsewhere. They could also theoretically increase job #2 to full-time hours without compromising their right to get furlough pay from employer #1. HOWEVER, HMRC may well question this though with the worker, not least because it goes against the spirit and the intention of furlough leave.

Can a furloughed worker take holiday? The advantage of requiring people to take holiday once they are on furlough is that the employer will only have to find/pay the shortfall between the furlough pay and normal pay, which may only be 20% of pay. It will, therefore, be much cheaper for workers to take holiday during furlough leave, rather than before or after. Taking holiday while on furlough will also avoid the practical issue of workers accruing lots of holiday while they are on furlough and then wanting to take it once things go back to normal, which is when businesses will want and need workers to be there. Again, rotating furlough and leave is also something to consider. This could be classed as a temporary change to usual policies and working practices during the global health crisis.

Can a worker refuse to be put on furlough? As mentioned, the alternative is likely to be compulsory redundancy or unpaid leave. Technically they could seek an injunction to force the employer to allow them to work…. This has been done before, but it wouldn’t get through the courts in time… depending on the circumstances, it potentially wouldn’t get through the courts anyway given the current situation.


Do you have to confirm the intent to furlough workers in writing? Yes. I would be happy to draft a template letter for you to use. I can also support you through the process, so do get in touch if you need professional assistance.

Concerns over immediate cashflow and payroll challenges should be met by the temporary Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, applications for which are now open.

Please also take some reassurance that everything employers do at the moment will be viewed against the background of the current crisis. Those employers acting in good faith are likely to be treated more leniently if they do get anything wrong.

With kind regards and very best wishes,

Sarah Wilkinson,

S. Wilkinson HR Consulting Ltd

Musings from Isolation

by Laura Stokes, aged 44

COVID-19. Not a word that existed even 4 months ago yet now it’s everywhere we turn. There’s no escaping it and, statistically, we will all eventually know someone who has been infected with it.

The news of the nationwide 'lockdown' came when my family and I were on day 12 of 14 days' isolation (as I had shown symptoms), we had marked the 15th day with little stars and hearts on the calendar as the day we could go back to normal, but suddenly that was taken away.

Along with the financial worry there was the added worry of whether my youngest daughter would be able to see her father during this lockdown; he had called me in a panic after the announcement but I couldn’t reassure him as I didn’t know any more than he did. I didn’t sleep much that night but it gave me a chance to research the new guidelines and I was able to let my ex husband know that under 18 kids could travel back and forth between separated parents. In a way it was scary because we’d been self isolating for a couple of weeks by that point so we’re 'safe' but he is still working and so is in contact with other people but now, more than ever, co parents have to communicate and trust each other, so if one is unwell they don’t put the need to see their child before the risk of passing on the virus.

'I’ve watched movies I hadn’t seen, rewatched those I’d forgotten I loved. I’ve spent time watching the garden come to life, noticing every blossom and bumble bee.'

Read Laura's full blog post HERE.


The people at HOOBLE are doing their part towards the Coronavirus situation...

'We at Hooble have joined in with this world-wide effort by the industry, donating 108 Xeon CPU cores to the project, to help scientists find a cure as soon as possible. We are donating CPU power (for example your laptop could have 4) which is used to process scientific data for the purposes of finding a cure for COVID-19'.

Well done for realising what was needed and doing something practical to help. covid19.hooble.co.uk

Is Corona Virus The Universal Wake-Up Call That We All Need Right Now?

by Jayne Burke

Has Mother Earth decided we need a bit of a shakeup? Do we need to stop and take time out to look at the way we are living? Why are we simply existing on a day to day basis instead of focusing on living our lives in a way that brings us joy? Read article HERE.

Can I Go Blonde If My Hair Is Dark?

by The Ruby Key Hair Studio

Kerry from The Ruby Key answers a FAQ...

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: Can I go blonde if my hair is dark? The answer is yes, BUT…. and there’s a big BUT. It takes a looooooooong time and is subject to a few different things.

We won’t go into too much detail here, but this alone took 5 hours and we are aiming to go lighter. So if you want to go light from dark, and you want it done properly, with good quality products that won’t ruin your hair, you’ll need to be super patient.

Pen Island

'Most people choose a url that either suggests what they do or is their company name. Be careful though! There is folklore about a url from a company called pen island. I'll leave you to work that one out!' Rachael Willoughby, Local Business Network



Harriet from Foodworks and she told me about these retreats she organises near Marrakech in Morocco. They look like just what the doctor ordered. The classes are easy and relaxed - yoga and aqua aerobics; the 12K walk up the Atlas Mountains is a challenge for your sense of adventure and there's an evening in the Medina. The retreat takes place 24 - 28 September 2020. All the delicious food, retreat activities and accommodation in a shared room are included (£800); the only thing you have to arrange and pay for yourself is your flight from Gatwick to Marrakech. At time of speaking to Harriet, her flight was £90. This sounds like the retreat of a lifetime to me.

In case the wording is too small to read on the flyer, hop over to the Breathe Retreats website and you'll be able to see it much it much more clearly!



Recipe from Lucia Tar at Lucy's Indulgence

Lucia's services have still been in demand during the COVID crisis as people want her beautiful cakes for birthday celebrations with their families in isolation. Our Joe's 15th was an example of this. Lucia has sent us this gorgeous recipe for disguising beetroot in mouthwatering chocolate brownies...

'I had to find the way how to teach kids eat the beetroot. It hides behind the chocolate. This is a great combination of beetroot and chocolate.'


150g uncooked grated beetroot

350g uncooked grated carrot

150g dark chocolate

100g gluten free flour - I used rice flour

150g brown sugar

100g butter

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 tbsp cacao powder

4 free range eggs


1) Line a baking tin / brownie tin (20cm) with a baking paper and heat your oven to 180 C.

2) Melt the chocolate and butter suspended over a pan of hot water.

3) In a bowl combine dry ingredients sugar, flour, cacao powder and bicarbonate of soda.

4) In a large bowl combine grated carrot, beetroot, eggs and not too hot melted chocolate with butter. Mix it well!

5) Add all dry ingredients and mix until you have runny batter. Pour into baking tin and bake for about 40 minutes. Allow to cool in the tin, then serve with yogurt or creme fraiche and fresh fruit.

6) Serve with nice cup of tea or coffee.


Kids bored yet? Would they like to learn a magic trick?!

All you need for this trick is a deck of playing cards (doesn’t need to be a full deck and if you don’t have any - maybe your children can draw their own)

My name is Richard and I’m a full-time professional magician and along with my best pal Kerry we have decided to release some ‘easy to learn’ magic tricks on pdf.

These will be aimed at children of 8+ (there is no upper age limit mums and dads)

We will try and keep them educational as well as entertaining so that this may help with the homeschooling aspect of your week.

As you can imagine our events industry was hugely affected by the lockdown so whilst we would LOVE to offer these tricks for free we do need to earn a passive income until we are back doing what we love - performing at Weddings and Events and private parties.

Our first card trick is available RIGHT NOW at just £1.50 (normal price £2.50)

The price also includes access to a secret private on Facebook where Kerry and I will be dropping in to that group regularly to give advice, offer more tricks and maybe even the odd live video from us.

Payment can be made via papal to mesmermo@gmail.com and once received I will email you the pdf and link to join the Facebook group.

Feel free to pass this information on to any mums and dads that you think would enjoy this!

Thanks, Richard


Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga

Join the amazing Jay Foo for a free Kids yoga class on Monday at 10am. Suitable for all the family, but aimed at 7-10 year olds. The class will be saved to the ‘Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga’ Facebook page, enabling you to access it at your leisure. Last week's class had great feedback, with over 2.6k views! More information about unlimited classes from £15 a month can be found on the website: www.ellaandfleurhotyoga.co.uk

Fluid Pilates Bootcamp Ltd

Join Lou and the team on Zoom for their on-line Pilates sessions.

Offering great online classes for all abilities during the week.

For details of how to register see their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fluidpilates

Busy Lizzy Cheltenham

Busy Lizzy has moved with the times! Just as their fantastic classes for mums, pregnant ladies, babies and toddlers got going, we all got locked down. So... now they have introduced BusyLizzy Live! Offering 21 virtual classes each week, plus great talks from experts too. All for £20 p/m - visit their website for more info. busylizzycheltenham.co.uk

The Yin_Tribe

Join the #tribe from the comfort of your own home. The Yin Tribe offers wonderful classes to release stress and anxiety during these turbulent times.

All you need to do is book your place through the website and a link will be sent to you, via email, approx 25 mins prior to the start of the class.

The link will become active 15 mins before so that you can speak directly to Suzy and ask any queries or questions you may have.

Book online at www.yintribe.com.


Hart Fitness

Online fitness classes with Jodie Molyneux from Hart Fitness. A variety of classes to suit the whole family throughout the day and evening Monday-Friday. Join in as many classes as you like for £10 a week for your whole house!


Wellness In Motion

*Online 1-2-1 PT sessions*

We offer 1:1 On-line Personal Training & Group Sessions Tailored for your Needs and Abilities.

Do you need help in reaching your fitness goals?

Would you like to lose weight and feel, look and move better?

Would you like to overcome your physical and emotional blocks when it comes to physical activities?

To book message Chris on 07500 030324 or visit our website at wellnessinmotion.co.uk/personal-training


*Online CPD Courses*

You can still learn and gain CPD points online via one of our accredited CPD courses. We offer a range of courses including introduction to teaching - a perfect course for those who are thinking about starting to provide teaching courses in any area of their expertise e.g. massage therapy or beauty

Visit our updated website for more information or call us on 07545852110



Lovely Anasztazia has put together some great ways for you to get/keep happy and healthy!

Online Personal Training Program

one2one, two2one (with a friend or buddy).

Prices on request.


  • Initial consultation

  • Customized workout plan

  • Online Personal training sessions via zoom application

  • General nutrition guideline

  • Full support

  • - FREE Zoom Consultation

The reason for creating this group on FaceBook is to give you the opportunity to ask about a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. If you need information about how you can live with less stress and more happiness; how you can manage your time; not to feel that 24 hours is never enough; how you can live in a balanced relationship, be that family or friends or a work partnership.

Send me your questions in advance by email kardosanaszt@gmail.com or on fb :) This FREE Zoom consultation will be every second week - THURSDAY at 7pm. You have to download the zoom to your PC or phone from http://zoom.us


Jayne Burke

Jayne has moved moved her Holistic Therapy appointments online (Zoom).. She is able able to use all of the other techniques on a virtual call (and am even talking clients through self-massage or self-reflexology on-line when required).


HER 'A-Z GUIDE TO BEATING STRESS' is available as an on-line course.





Dani Wellbeing

Dani would love you to get in touch with her if you feel like you could do with some calm and healing. You can call her for a no obligation chat to find out which of the therapies she offers remotely would be of most help to you. These include Stress Release, Meditation and Reiki. Take a look at her website for further information. www.daniwellbeing.com

The Healing Company

Janie Whittemore is working her magic, providing some lovely, uplifting posts on her FaceBook page www.facebook.com/HealingCoJanie and can also send you Distance Healing with Reiki - it's a wonderful thing. She has VERY kindly shared this video 6 Minutes To Calm. An absolute treat!


All of these people and more are on the Wellbeing page of Cheltenham Noticeboard's website: www.cheltenhamnoticeboard.co.uk/lifestyle/wellbeing


Tewkesbury Garden Centre

If your garden is finally getting the attention it deserves and you want to get your hands on some beautiful new plants or some succulent soil, Tewkesbury Garden Centre are offering a free delivery service for Tewkesbury residents on orders over £10, or a £6 delivery fee for those outside the area!

Non contact delivery ensured to minimise risk to all!

Give them a call on 01684 293103 or send them a message over Facebook.

Charlton Island

Luxurious Interiors? Can't think of a nicer way of wiling away the hours than scrolling through this gorgeous website.



Online 121 Courses with Rosie Reynolds Marketing

Do you want to take control of your business? These courses have been developed to increase your knowledge of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, giving you the tools to run your own campaigns and improve their performance. These courses will empower you to manage your own ads.

Cheltenham Women's Business Club

Cheltenham Women's Business Club has moved its monthly meetings online. We have a daytime and an evening meeting. Join us for virtual networking where you can connect with businesswomen from your area, share your business and hear from our guest speaker. Networking as usual from the comfort of your own home.


Our next meet-up is this week from 12-2pm approx on Wed 1 April 2020.


The Curry Corner

Monrusha and her lovely parents are offering a takeaway service, and if you can't get to them, they will try their best to deliver. You can see the menu on their website, (though it might be downsized slightly) and call them to discuss your order 01242 528449.

Poco Culina

Deeply flavoured curries, vibrant salads, spicy, tangy dips and vibrant side salads are the sort of thing you can order for delivery from Andy at Poco.

Please order at www.pococulina.co.uk and visit the weekly delivery page. The blue box will allow a fast order of an evening meal for two at just £20.

Cheltenham customers:

For Cheltenham, delivery will be available on Wednesday from 4.30pm-7pm and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11.45-7pm.

'Every week we also seem to be learning a new expression that becomes part of everyday language. This week, it's the 'Virtual Dinner Party' – what a lovely idea. I've booked in the first one this week, delivering to three addresses for people to enjoy a Poco meal online. Brilliant hey! Please stay safe, well and positive.'


'Chilled ready meals can be delivered on Fridays and Saturdays but they're going fast. Marinades is covering Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and Tewkesbury areas. Please message for the week's menu of Caribbean classics and prices. Also don't forget Wendy's Legendary Special Rum Punch which is selling by the gallon at the moment and we have a small drinks selection as well. Need orders in by Wednesdays please!'

Libbi's Monthly Mention

I love Libbi and Andrew's taste in wallpaper. They have birch tree walls in their family bathroom and it looks SO good. So I did a video call with Libbi to get her approval for the lemur themed wallpaper I've chosen for a feature wall in our place. Mark laughed at my pronunciation of lemur. To describe, I was saying it like the 'le' they use in French, and the surname of Frank Muir. le-Muir. That's because when I saw it written down, that's how it looked like it should be said. Of course I know it's supposed to be pronounced like lima. I just got confused.

Talking of wallpaper, here's a before and after of our downstairs cloakroom, expertly wallpapered by Mark Wij and perfectly painted by Justine Wood. Nanna Green used to refer to loos as cloakrooms, even if there were no cloaks in sight. So this cloakroom is for you, Nanna G - hope you're looking down with approval...

Offers & Recommendations

Sonia Norman at Cheltenham Facials & Therapies is currently offering free skin consultations via zoom / Skype / phone with pics, for those interested in any of her treatments in future.

The Yellow Brick Road Consultancy Zoom Calls

A message from Philippa Gray at The Yellow Brick Road Consultancy Ltd...

'I'm Philippa, an RTT Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Coach, I understand that with the current situation & uncertain times we are living in might be causing you anxiety and stress like you haven't experienced before.

I have a set of proven reliable methods that will help you to deal with everything that is thrown at you and give you the phenomenal coping skills you need. We can work together online in order to get you to a place where you feel calm and more in control.

The complimentary initial Discovery Call Consultation will help us to discover whether you and me working together is a good fit for both of us.'

Here's Philippa's listing on the Cheltenham Noticeboard website: philippa-gray-at-the-yellow-brick-road-consultancy


Sharing this free resource with you all Folks... from Bertie & I with Love!


Do you need help to feel Calm, Centered and Connected?

For anyone who is feeling anxious, fearful and concerned, The Rise & Shine Academy have created a free relaxation hypnosis recording.

During these uncertain times, it can be very easy to let your thoughts run amok, creating a downward spiralling cycle of even more worrisome thoughts and feelings of helplessness.

Although it’s not always possible to affect the outer world, we can always choose to take control of our inner world.

When we become mindful of our thoughts, we can learn to change them quickly and effectively, especially when we have the right tools.

At The Rise & Shine Academy we have created such a tool. It’s called the RASA Rule. When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings, your behaviours and your actions.

So, if you would like some help to feel calmer, to feel centred and feel more connected during this period of isolation and uncertainty, this FREE recording will help you.

Please follow the link and read the instructions for use.


We would like to say special Thanks to Zoe from Rogue_Design for generously offering us special rates to help us get this to you.

More from Our Business Community...

ChiChi Fit

Danella of ChiChi Fit has an offer for after social distancing is over: 'You're all welcome to come and try this exciting fitness experience. First class half price to you all.'

FREE Photography by John Hopkins

'There must be a catch?! Not so – and this is why. I used to run my own successful photography business, but have since retired. Just over 18 months ago, I was looking for a hobby to enable me to continue to use my ‘grey matter’, so decided to dust off my camera equipment, and offer my service FOR FREE to cover the following activities:-

  1. Any new independent business setting up in the Gloucestershire area.

  2. Photographs of dogs – I concentrate on head shots only. Some examples are attached.

  3. Tattoos.

During the last 18 months I have supported the setting up of 8 new independent businesses, several of whom are clients of Sali. There have also been several dog and tattoo photographs, which I limit slightly, to me travelling within a 5 mile radius of Cheltenham, unless you are happy to contribute a small amount towards my petrol costs. All photographs are presented on a disc, to allow downloads to either a computer, or load into a print facility at e.g. Boots - the choice is yours. Being retired, I have the time to come and discuss your requirements, and spend as little or as much time as YOU need to provide you with your desired outcomes. Your disc is presented with a written statement from me, giving YOU the copyright to all of the photographs I have provided. I do not want any money for this service, and you are free to use them as you wish. When I say 'FREE PHOTOGRAPHY' that is exactly what I mean. Sali can verify this if you desire. If you know anyone who is setting up a new independent business in this area, or has either dogs or tattoos to photograph, then please encourage them get in touch. It will save them a great deal of money, and hopefully they will be delighted with the results. I look forward to hearing from you. We have a ‘call guardian’ phone to prevent nuisance calls, so please give your name, number, and reason for ringing when phoning.

Kind regards, John Hopkins mailto:jb-hopkins@hotmail.co.uk 01242 517042

Neil Gayler 10%

10% discount against the standard fee scale for Financial Planning work.

Lucy's Indulgence 10% off beautiful cakes

I would like you to offer 10% discount on cakes to all members and readers. When you order via email or FB page just mention you have seen this to get your discount.

Ommazing Chocolates - free (hygienic!) hand delivery in Corse and surrounding villages or posted anywhere in UK. However - fully booked for Easter.

Quantum Media - 30 minute Marketing Consultation - FREE!

Fanny Snaith, Money Coach - 30 minute Money Consultation - FREE!

Heavenly Holistics Call Laura on 07786 628 092 or find Heavenly Holistics on Facebook HERE for when we are allowed to beautify ourselves again. Laura's website is HERE.


What better time to pamper your skin? Carol Aplin at Pink & Green has this lovely offer on her website - Mmmm - chocolate!

How Can We Help You?

Sal, Cheranne and Debs are here to listen and support you on your business journey and help you weather the storm.

Reserve a slot HERE by registering for payment with GoCardless and we'll be in touch to discuss with you which package is the most suitable for your needs. Please note that applications are subject to reviews being checked and that we may already be fully subscribed in your industry. Being referred by an existing member is a great way to get started!

The Crisis Challenge

During the current crisis we have been setting a daily challenge to our directory members in the Members' Lounge group. Here's what we've done so far, in case you'd like to join in...

Week 1

Day 1 - Prepare and share your COVID-19 Statement

Day 2 - Post a video or written description of how you feel about what is going on.

Day 3 - Set up a new social media platform and have a play with it.

Day 4 - Think of alternative ideas for your business to adapt to the situation.

Day 5 - Zoom Call with Michelle at Quantum Media 'How to Market Your Business Online in a Crisis'

Week 2

Day 1 - Write a blog post.

Day 2 - Share the best thing that you've read or watched in the last few days. (Mine were this article via Gill Kirkham and a coaching call on the 'scarcity mindset' from Claire Dore in her Frazzle Free Mums group - she's doing live talks every Wednesday at 11am to help us all maintain sanity in lockdown.)

Day 3 - Share a quote or poetry excerpt relevant to your business.

To join our business club and take part in this kind of thing, give us a shout! x

Click to watch Michelle's Call about How To Market Your Business In A Crisis


First Aid Training Courses

Keep an eye on Tidal Training Direct Ltd to be the first to know when these courses resume.


Foodworks is not able to run cookery courses in the flesh currently, however they will be sharing recipes and tips on their social media pages. Do follow! Also vouchers are available for all those who want to get cooking after the lockdown, so bear them in mind for gifts for your loved ones.


'One of the best things I've done for my business is to use Charlton Gray. The bookkeeping side of my business always took a back seat but now I feel so much happier that this is being taken care of - I cant tell you what a relief that it. I can now focus fully on the things in my business that I'm good at.' Sarah Davies, Floella Interiors

'Magdalena's PT sessions at Wellness In Motion Massage & Fitness are different each time. She cares about each client and their needs. We did a warm-up and exercises, then some boxing which I loved. Came out of the session feeling exhilarated and looking forward to the next one. I'm trying to get back to having a flat stomach so she showed me all the right exercises for achieving this.' Sali Wij

If we've helped you and you'd like to leave a review, click HERE.


Follow The Suffolks Cheltenham to show support for independent businesses through these tough times and let them know you'll be coming back in to shop / dine with them once the lockdown is over.

Photography by Duncan R Powell photography.

Saw the following post shared on Salcombe & Kingsbridge Noticeboard and thought it was worth a share in Gloucestershire...


Keith Lemon designed gorgeous 'Be Kind' t-shirts in memory of his friend Caroline Flack and 100% of profits go to The Samaritans. There are fakes around, much to Keith's shock, and the genuine ones have currently sold out. Here's the link if you want to keep an eye on stocks to order one in the future: kilclothes.com/products/be-kind