Reviews by Debs Willis

'WOW!! Just wanted to say another big thank you for this morning's amazing treatment and to say how lovely, warm and welcoming you all are. I was feeling a little nervous but the salon has such a lovely atmosphere and it all felt very 'unjudgey' and relaxing. Looking forward to next week already! My skin is looking great - no redness! LOVE IT!! xxx'

'There comes a time when you look in the mirror and notice that your face is changing in a way that you're not altogether thrilled with! Luckily, the talented team at First Floor BFF have a new, and fantastic piece of kit at their gorgeous salon.

The DivinePRO skin treatment offers complete skin Rejuvenation on all layers of the skin. Going to a DivinePRO clinic, you know they have a complete toolkit, with all FOUR leading skincare technologies at their fingertips. Your treatment will be customised for you. Each treatment works together to deliver an unbeatable facelift, without surgery.

Just packing up my (eye) bags, and off I go!'