No equipment - just a mat!

Virtual fitness just got real...

With no indication of when groups will be able to return to local halls, fitness instructor Sarah Cross, known for her Zumba classes around Charlton Kings, has successfully moved her business online. Sarah was quick to go virtual, booking on to zoom tutorials and offering a free week of classes as she learnt the new format on the job!

A Message from Sarah

"3 months later with no indication of when we can resume as before, I have extended my timetable to offer 4 types of class, all of which physically exercise the body in a different manner to create a one-stop ‘fit for health’ programme. While designing my choice of classes I took into consideration that during lockdown most people have been getting out more to walk, jog or cycle, so it was important for me to add the elements of fitness such as upper-body strength training, joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

I offer daily fitness classes livestreamed directly to you and your entire household. All you need is good internet connection to hop on to as many or few classes as you like."

No equipment (just a mat!), no limits and no pre-booking.

Questions? Call me on 07770 417418. SEE YOU ON SCREEN SOON!

'I have loved every minute of it and needed every minute of it... thank you Sarah.'

Lesley Cameron