6-8 Grosvenor Street | Cheltenham | Gloucestershire | GL52 2SG

A harmony of food and spice

Koloshi restaurant in Charlton Kings is known for its regional subcontinent cooking, combining high-quality fresh products with sophisticated flavours to create refined Indian dishes. Chef Azad Hussain and his team have mastered the art of Indian regional cuisine over the years. Koloshi Kitchen has opened its takeaway branch in Grosvenor Street for your convenience, to deliver gorgeous South Asian meals in the Cheltenham area.

The new location is 6-8 Grosvenor Street GL52 Cheltenham GL52 2SG.

Helping families in need

Koloshi Kitchen recently donated enough food to feed 20 families to a nearby school in Cheltenham. Chef and owner, Azad Hussain, and his team at Koloshi Kitchen are passionate about supporting charity as well as their local community. With the current lockdown restrictions and the strain it has put on families and local food banks, they wanted to reach out and provide free meals to those who may be struggling. Mr Hussain reached out to a local school, Gardeners Lane Primary School in Cheltenham, to ask if there was any way that he could help feed families that may be struggling and whose children attend the school.

By providing the meals through the school, Mr Hussain ensured that they would reach those families most in need. Mr Hussain has also provided these families with a 20% discount on their next order at Koloshi Kitchen, to provide additional support. Mr Hussain said: "We are all struggling in our own way during this pandemic, but that does not mean that families, especially those with young children, should go without food. At Koloshi Kitchen, we are just trying to do what we can to help.”

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