Busylizzy Fitness & Fun

Boutique Fitness Club for Mums and Little Ones

A Busylizzy membership is a ‘must have’ for mums looking to enjoy fun & friendly pregnancy, baby and postnatal fitness (no childcare required!) with like-minded new friends. More info HERE.

When you join Busylizzy, you are setting the stage for a fun and active pregnancy and maternity leave. It’s so much better than a typical gym and it’s really simple to get started. You can choose any combination of our mummy fitness sessions for yourself and enjoy a great selection of fun classes, events and talks with your little one. Use our handy app to book, cancel and reschedule on your terms.

ChiChi Fit



An exercise class that feels so good you’ll want to do it again, and again, and again!

Think Zumba meets Broadway.

ChiChi FIT dance workouts combine music from the best musical shows with simple moves that deliver plenty of cardio and toning. Dance to upbeat tracks from Grease and Hairspray. Stretch and tone to songs from The Lion King and Wicked. Warm-up to 42nd Street and Sister Act, and so many more. DAZZLE like the star of your own show and leave each class FEELING FABULOUS.

Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga


Performing yoga in a heated room allows the body to stretch and compress more deeply, easing muscles and joints. Not only does hot yoga stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles in your body, it also massages the internal organs too. In addition to this the heart, lungs and circulatory system are required to work harder, giving you a cardio vascular workout.

The warmth also promotes detoxification through sweating so during class your body burns fat more effectively with your metabolism speeding up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.

So, if even if you thought hot yoga wasn’t for you, why not come along and give it a try? BOOK NOW

About Ella & Fleur

Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga was set up as a purpose-built Hot Yoga studio in the centre of Cheltenham, with the promise to provide an unrivalled selection of yoga and vibe cycle classes, with the best and most experienced teachers in the area.

From Beginners to Advanced

We welcome, support and encourage each and every one of our students and provide a vibrant environment and yogi community focused on health, happiness and wellbeing. We're open 7 days a week (see opening hours on website) so you can come along on a day that suits you.

Contact Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga

23a Pittville Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 2LN

Call 01242 226 800


The Yin Tribe

A class led by Susanna Segura of Theatre Studio, especially designed for young people to help them cope with stress, anxiety and depression, starting from 4 November - it is so important for people in this social media world!

The_YINTRIBE is delighted to announce they are launching another YINTRIBE class at the beautiful The Yoga Studio at Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga from Monday 4 November 6.30 - 7.30pm. This class is specially designed for young people from 13 - 19 years who are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, coping with the aftermath of bullying, social media overload, exam pressure, school pressure and anyone who feels they have lost their spark. BOOK HERE.

RELAX - in the The Yoga Studio's beautiful surroundings

REST - your mind within a candlelit room with ambient music

RESET - allow yourself to totally unwind and reset for your busy week ahead

Fluid Pilates Bootcamp

Fluid Pilates Bootcamp Ltd is starting a revolution in dynamic fitness classes in Cheltenham. Straight from LA and hot on the heels of the cutting-edge London boutique gym scene, this dynamic reformer workout aims to provide fast and effective fitness, toning, and the building of core muscle groups.

Sessions are dynamic, incorporating the very latest in Reformer Pilates machines, direct from California, with High Intensity Interval Training.

Active Krav Maga

Self Defence & Fitness


Whether by luck or coincidence, it doesn’t matter! We believe in both!

Maybe you Googled: ‘Krag Maga’, ‘Krab Maga’, ‘Israeli Martial Art’, ‘Israeli Ju-jitsu’, ‘best self-defence system’, yet we hope that you heard about our incredible Active Krav Maga community. Something grabbed you and spoke to the part of you that wanted to know more.

Many of our members tell us they waited far too long to take action and this is still their biggest regret. The good news… you’re here now.


Training Krav Maga is a life-changing experience that gives you more confidence, focus, gets you fitter and ready to take on life’s challenges, big or small.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, from reducing your stress levels, gaining new friends to learning practical self-defence skills to protect yourself and your loved ones, Active Krav Maga provides a safe and ‘non-judgemental’ environment for you to progress at your own level.

Trying something new is challenging, but don’t worry! Even if you come in by yourself you will not be alone! Our dedicated Active Krav Maga Ambassadors and senior members will help you fit right in.


Our team loves meeting new people, helping them to conquer their fears, fulfil their lifestyle goals and share Krav Maga with them. One session and you’ll know why we’re so passionate about the Active Krav Maga community, and you will be too.

We look forward to meeting you and finding out what you would like to achieve, and how we can help you. Bully-proof your child with Krav Maga!

'Active Krav Maga is the best club in the world, ever. Great fun, great community, great teaching and great skills and knowledge to learn. One of the best things I ever did was join all those years ago.... Anna is an inspiration.'

Mat Jolly of Jolly Good Design