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Mental Health Education Services

EmpowerUp provides mental health education services for a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Part of the service also include early interventions for common mental health difficulties like depression, anxiety and behavioural difficulties.

On a one to one or group basis Regina Tipping, a trained education mental health practitioner, uses evidenced based cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) underpinned by improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) and principles to provide bespoke support.

Other services include consultation with school staff, audits, creative workshops for teenagers, and parent led CBT.

What Regina enjoys most is the teaching side of the services which brings out the fun creative side of her teaching skills. With a background in classroom teaching, Regina enjoy adapting and creating resources to suit everyone's learning style, including special needs. Regina is also a trained therapeutic art life coach so exploring difficult feelings through art even for those who are not pro artists is fun.

Regina is a mum of teenagers and understands first hand how challenging it can be for both parents and young people to navigate through the barriers of life. She has written blogs which you might find helpful.

The website is a work in progress where you are sure to find helpful information and dates of up coming training.


07581 211043

Regina Tipping
Masters degree in Education
PGCE (UK qualified teacher)
PGDip special educational needs
PGDip- Education Mental Health.

EmpowerUp Training Workshops

'I am a qualified teacher of languages turned Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP). With over fifteen years of working with children and young people from different socio-economic, religious and cultural backgrounds in different educational settings in West Africa and England, I am a keen evidence-based educator. All young people are a great source of inspiration in the work that I do. I have had the privilege to listen to young people, including my own children, talk about the challenges that they face. This has provided me with the starting point for further research into the improvement of education and wellbeing services for children and young people. I have found that all young people, regardless of their backgrounds, go through all sorts of challenges. Challenges in managing hormonal changes, peer pressure, racism, gender and sexual preferences, bullying, relationships, expectations from family, school and the society. These difficulties can have lasting negative impact on their mental health and academic performance. I have formulated these new courses in order to nurture their confidence and help them find direction, motivation, inspiration and calm.'

Schools & Educational Settings

Offer for educational settings includes whole school mental health promotion, consultation for staff, audits and supports with the implementation of action plans and policies in line with the whole school approach and Ofsted guidelines.


EmpowerUp supports resources, parenting interventions and training courses for parents and professionals.


Fun creative workshop that empower young people between the ages of 11 and 16 years old to create their own mental health kit. This also includes peer mentoring and assemblies to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Children 9 to 11

Children learn how to manage difficult emotions; they learn how to recognise signs and symptoms and how to seek support. This service also includes transition to secondary school support workshop.