Hi, I’m Gill Kirkham, The Modern Day Alchemist.

I do this through regular activation events, retreats, Luminous membership and one to one coaching, which supports each individual through awareness, intention and action...

So you can live an extraordinary joy filled life!

Let’s tap into that incredible intuition of yours so that you shine your light with unshakeable confidence.

How ? Once you choose the level of support you desire you will gain absolute clarity on all of those things you have been reflecting on for too long. Make more aligned choices and express yourself from your highest perspective.


You will feel emotional, mental and physical shifts through deep inner work. I will teach you energetic mastery, love yourself deeply and together we will shape a road map to your future self.

This is the high vibe meditation and activation space to make a better connection with yourself.

Are you ready to explore something 'different' to help your self awareness and confidence grow?

The community gives you space and time not always available in every day life. I will meet you where you are at. I have 20 years in relationship sales, am a qualified trauma release coach, healer, facilitator, and a channel, likened to a human switchboard!

Located in one of the most enchanting places in the UK during an extremely potent energetic week. The journey is specifically formed to activate your senses and for mind, body, soul ignition and infusion.


If you would like an initial free 20 minute call, we will establish your current position and I will work energetically to give you an insight into what is showing up and how we can move you forward. My ability to read energy creates linear pathways of information, through what may currently feel like a fog to you. We will discuss the coaching and packages available for you to begin your next chapter.

or email me at gill@gillkirkham.com