Glowing Testimonials for Cheltenham Lifestyle / Cheltenham Noticeboard

"The post you shared for me has had 400 view in just 4 hours. Thank you!"

Kelly Whittaker, Skin Redefined

"Thanks for all your help and exposure so far!
I am very impressed."

"We've used these services for some years now. Great business. The team is tireless in its dedication to connecting people and businesses in a comprehensive local network. It's often not what you know but who you know and this organisation makes great introductions and holds great events. Great value for money in your marketing spend."

Clive Coldrick & Wendy Collins, Marinades

"I’d highly recommend using Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business. I’ve found them a joy to deal with. They built us a professional web page for their Noticeboard Platform in no time, which looks ace.

Quick to respond to calls and emails, very helpful & professional."

Leigh Kendall, Aspray Insurance

"Cheltenham Lifestyle and Business is a fantastic network of people, always on hand to give advice, help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and help promote local small businesses. The team is incredibly friendly and helpful, would highly recommend!"

"Just want to say a very big THANK YOU to Cheltenham Noticeboard and its many and varied readers who continue to recommend me each and every time someone is looking for a seamstress. Over recent weeks I've picked up quite a substantial amount of work as a direct result of this fabulous group and cannot stress enough how brilliant it is and how grateful I am to you all."

Yvette Drake, SeamsRite Alterations & Repairs

"A dream to work with - they really takes the time to understand their clients so that they can give the best service possible. Through iwork4uglos, Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business and Cheltenham Noticeboard, they have worked wonders for not only mine, but my wife's business too. Always willing to go the extra mile and on top of that, such lovely people! Thank you for everything :)."

Jin Mehta, The Indian Guy

"Highly recommend getting on board with Cheltenham Noticeboard... I picked up so much good, regular work... I had to stop advertising as I couldn't keep up and once you are full, you are full! Helped my business massively."

How To Advertise

Contact cheltmembers@gmail.com with a description of your business and a link to great reviews. Once your application is approved you can register using GoCardless, fill in the application form and leave the rest to us!