The music, the equipment and your own fabulous personal trainer.

Cheltenham Health & Fitness has everything you need for the perfect bootcamp...


Covid19 T cell Testing in Gloucestershire

We are one of the first private clinics to offer T Lymphocyte (T cell) testing to determine previously undetected lymphocyte immune responses to Covid-19 infection or vaccination. The T-SPOT®.COVID Test looks for evidence of the immune response to Covid-19. The aim is to answer the question: have I been exposed to Covid-19 and produced an immune response?

Vitamin D Reduces Covid-19 Mortality and Serious Illness: An Integrated Approach to Evidence

The Role of Vitamin D and Covid-19

NHS Vitamin D Testing Kits

Direct to the public - Vitamin D testing from NHS laboratory

  • A very small finger prick sample required to give you a laboratory based result for your Total Vitamin D and also your D3 and D2 levels. The UK’s original service to the public for Vitamin D, and currently involved in national research studies looking at the role of Vitamin D in Covid-19.

  • Packs are sent first class by Royal Mail, Monday to Friday. Once your blood spot is received, in-lab turn-round target is 10 working days. Occasionally result emails go to spam - do check your spam folders.

  • Secret Shoppers include a junior doctor with a DEFICIENT result. Her two sisters are the February secret shoppers. Intriguingly one also has a low vitamin D.


What's in the Spring issue

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Happy Spring to you!

At the time of writing we are still in lockdown and determined to make this issue as bright, bouncy and refreshing as we can, in line with Springtime and all the hopes and new beginnings it brings. New shoots are making their way through the soil to find the sunshine as the new season is birthed. Children in gardens will be playing and laughing again, birds singing, blossom blooming as Nature does what it always has, year after year, century after century. After a gloomy winter it's high time for Spring to unfold and show us what it's got. In this issue we have optimistic articles and talented local makers as well as all the usual jolliness, information and interest we can find. The front cover image is by Charlie Millward, the winner of the Bournside photography competition. Charlie won a delicious family brunch delivered by Cotswold Breakfast Factory.

We intend this mini magazine to be a bright little gift that lands on your doormat and lifts your spirits, especially on grey days. If it's still a bit damp and chilly this is our way of offering you something free and chirpy! To new beginnings! x x

You can find us on Instagram @CheltenhamNoticeboard



For Sales and Lettings we recommend Morgan Associates of Cheltenham. Established in 1965 and superbly located in one of Cheltenham’s most prominent Regency buildings within Montpellier, Morgan Associates is the area’s longest established and most successful residential lettings specialist.


Directory, Group & Magazine

Cheltenham Noticeboard is founded and run by iwork4uglos and Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business. When using the Facebook group, be mindful that there are over 23,000 other members so, where possible, add your comment or notice to existing topics/posts rather than starting new ones. It will then go straight on the group rather than having to wait for moderator approval. Give moderators a break at weekends and use your own wall instead! :)

The group continues due to the support of the directory members (you can find them all on this website) who have pre-approval to post to the group wall once a week.

Volunteer moderators provide back-up now and then and in return their businesses are also promoted.

The group motto is KINDNESS.


You need to have good, genuine reviews to show that you provide an excellent service or quality product so that we can confidently endorse and recommend you and your business to our audience. We get a lot of enquiries and applications and can only take on a few from each industry. Advertisers with the online directory can also post to the Facebook Group wall once a week. Message to apply.

Set-up Fee: £200 (one off)

Directory Membership - minimum term 6 months: £50 a month


Event Promotion: £100 per event

Facebook Group Banner for the Day: £100 non directory members (limited availability) / £75 to directory members. Please supply your own high res image or artwork.


1/4 Page £50 per issue

1/2 Page £100 per issue

Full Page £200 per issue

Back Page £250 per issue

Lineage ad back inside page £10 per issue

Email to apply.

Distribution at most recent issue: 2000 in print. Also circulated online. Distribution continues to grow according to how much advertising space is taken. Issued SEASONALLY.


I have already had enquiries from the Facebook ads and the magazine which is a great result in these times.

Linnet Mosforth, Haus Maids Cheltenham

You guys totally rock - thank you so much!! x

Bimla Jackson, Bimlabee Productions

​You made me see that I was more than just a beautician in Glos ❤ I wanted to basically do what you do but for the beauty world! I came to you for advice initially. Since then, I have been building a platform all over the UK. So, thank you for inspiring me to be more!

Yve Graham, Beauty Treatments in Gloucestershire™️

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