by Helen & Tristan at Social Paws

An IMPORTANT reminder - some dogs are on a lead for a reason ⚠️

While your dog may be friendly, not all other dogs want to say hello.

It's important, where possible to give dogs on lead space and always ask before approaching.

They could be...

🐶 In training

🐶 Recovering from an injury or operation

🐶 Anxious or shy

🐶 Frustrated or excited

🐶 Simply don't want to play or be approached

🐶 A little unsteady on their feet

By giving them space we are offering a helping hand.

An off lead dog running up may mean a step back in training.

A frightened puppy.

An injured older dog.

It does not help socialise our anxious dogs, a bounding playful dog approaching a dog on lead can be a frustrating or frightening experience.

The dog on lead can't escape. It's forced into interacting. It's given very little choice.

I'd know how I would feel if someone came bounding up to me in a more enclosed space.

As always we aren't saying dogs shouldn't be off lead, we are just trying to create awareness about giving on lead dogs space.

If your dog has poor recall, pop it on the lead before things escalate, try to keep close by and be mindful of others. Or alternatively long lines are a great tool when you are training them to come back and prevent any risks of what could happen.

Thanks for reading,

Helen & Tristan.

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