Firewood: logs and kindling for all your firewood fuel needs.

Need some logs urgently? Give us a ring, email or message us through our FaceBook page and we will see if we can meet your deadline.

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Delivered To Your Log Pile

Sustainable, seasoned, firewood delivered direct to your door all year round to the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We supply only top quality hardwood, split and ready for burning in wood burning stoves, wood burners and open fires. We use Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch and Sycamore. Delivered free of charge within a ten mile radius of GL19. We supply pubs, farm shops, garden centres and regular customers in the Three Counties.

Click here for a map of where we deliver for free.

Giving excellent service and always having stock available to deliver all year round you can be assured of a high class service. If you’re looking for firewood and want it delivered to your door, it couldn’t be easier! Just call or email us or use our contact form.

We advise buying in advance of winter to beat the rush but also so that it can be stored and ready for burning on your fire and allow for the wood to continue seasoning after delivery.

We supply our wood in two ways, either a 1.2 cubic metre or 2.4 cubic metre load which we will be tipped in a suitable place for you to stack.

Our most popular order is the 1.2 cubic metre and it is up to you stack the logs away, but we understand that this is sometimes difficult and we would like to help you.

Just let us know if you wish us to carry and stack the wood. Depending on location and ease of access, we will stack the 1.2 cubic metre load free for people over 65.

Our firewood can be delivered to suit your needs, any length of firewood from 8” to 10”. We do offer a bespoke service where each order is specifically cut to the customer's own requirements contact us for more details.

We also supply locally sourced British barn dried hardwood log nets with 12 to 14 logs per net. Minimum delivered order is 10 nets. All fully seasoned ready to burn. Plenty always in stock.

Why not add some coal to your order? Coal delivered with logs or special delivery with 5 bags minimum order applied. Standard house coal 20kg bags and smokeless coal 20kg bags.

At Three Counties Firewood we take great pride in producing our firewood and always ensure our product is the best. All wood is sourced from sustainable local woodlands.