Seasonally inspired home baking & creations

Hi, I'm Lisa! I grew up in a little village in South Devon called Shaldon and there I spent many hours of my childhood outdoors, enjoying the simple things in life. It goes without saying, I didn't have all the modern technology that our children have today. It was up to me to make my own entertainment and use my imagination, of which I had plenty.

I have always loved the outdoors and compared to today's children I had a lot of freedom. I would spend hours outside in the garden making dens, collecting flowers and making mud pies. There were fields and woodlands just behind our home, so it was the perfect setting for creative imagination. My mum was always baking something and I have many memories of tea and birthday parties.

In the village of Shaldon itself there was a bakery, and on one side of the shop the window was full of confectionary. I would look in awe at the window display and longingly hope that whoever I was with would buy some of the fudge or coconut ice! Little wonder I now have a penchant for these delights. With all these memories I became inspired to set up my own small business, reliving my childhood dreams and recreating treats that I can now share with family and friends.

So you see, my love of confectionary and baking goes back a long way. I can remember being caught once in the larder, filling up a cup with hundreds and thousands and spilling them everywhere. It's funny what we remember.

One thing my dear Dad used to say was 'it's all in the presentation' and how right he was. Sometimes just the smallest things can look so pretty when presented nicely. I have the most beautiful childhood memories that were so simple and didn't cost a penny.

One Easter, I was given a white rabbit which we named Thumper. He would be outside with us when we were gardening, eating Dad's marigolds and nasturtium and we would spend hours chasing him around our lovely garden just to get him back into his hutch for the night. There were real bunnies in the fields behind and I even had my very own Peter Rabbit in more recent years before having my own children.

At times like Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and other celebrations I am in my element creating chocolate treats, baked fancies, cakes, gingerbread and biscuits. I also make dog treats which have passed the taste tests that our dog Lotta has enthusiastically carried out.

I would love to hear from you if you would like me to bake or make something especially for you or someone else. I am also happy to put together beautifully presented, personalised, themed gift packages or baskets, or simply to bring the delights of home baking to your table. I am very happy to deliver locally and all deliveries or packages can be priced individually in accordance with individual orders.

email lfinch1971@gmail.com or call 07944 040370