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My name is Fanny Snaith and I am a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®.

I know just how hard it is to manage money. Getting to that point where we can relax, knowing that we are making the most of our money and that it is working hard for us sounds great doesn’t it? Yet, it seems impossible. Do you feel the same? Look, if you and money aren’t exactly the best of friends, believe me, you aren’t alone.

What money coaching means to me is getting to the raw nitty gritty, facing the truth, making those zeros grow not shrink and getting confidence sky high when it comes to money.

I live in Cheltenham. I am not an accountant or an IFA. In fact, I have never worked in financial services. I have, however, had plenty of experience with people and money. My background and love for all things theatrical led me to a career of production management, on the TV and the stage – I kept productions running to budget and found compromises on all sorts of levels. I also spent thirteen years as a credit controller which means I have done my fair share of number crunching.

The catalyst to support others and becoming a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® was sparked after watching my mother lose a large inheritance though careless spending and poor money management. I made the vow to tread a different path.

Couples Coaching Testimonial

'Fanny has an easy way about her that builds instant rapport coupled with respectful, reassuring approach when coaching about the sensitive subject of money. Money touches every corner of your life, and I had reached the point where I was fed up working stupidly just to try and continuously get out of debts. Fanny took my partner and me through the entire process. We learnt a lot about a lot of things, more than just money and I would go as far to this would not have been possible without the expert guide and coach I had the luck to meet during a Money Dashboard online seminar. I can say without any hesitation that i feel wealthy, and when I make a large purchase today, I no longer wake up in a cold sweat wondering how I will pay for it. I now have a sense of freedom and wealth I have never experienced. I only regret taking so long to consider such an investment, which has delivered far more significant returns than any stocks and shares, investments or purchases. Fanny corrected my lifelong habits of being a fool and wasting money on anything and everything. We invested in a six weeks session which went to the very heart of the matter. Just an epic journey with outcomes that surpassed mine and my partner's expectations.'

I chose to train with The Money Coaching Institute, using the Money Archetypes as they are an easy and effective way to encourage, educate and simplify understanding around people’s challenges around money. Making some very simple moves not only change my client’s relationship with money but inspires a new found confidence in themselves – that is what sets my soul on fire! Many of my clients, dare I say it, are actually beyond smug after a few sessions with me!

I am committed to helping the world better understand the meaning and purpose of money in our lives. It is time to open the door to start talking about money. It is time to discover and challenge our belief systems about money. Doing this can only make us and the world engage better with the wonderful tool and resource money is meant to be.

It has been a long road hasn’t it? Years and years of wondering when things are going to get better - waiting for that day when you will wake up and be able to talk about money comfortably, have more money in the bank and feel secure regarding your financial future.

Yes, I understand that you have NEVER felt at home with money and that you have never been taught HOW to manage it let alone how to MANAGE your FEELINGS about it.

Sorry to say, chances are, unless you focus on the headspace around money, little will change. Sad as it is, it is just too hard to simply think it better. In order to make real, lasting change, you will need to look deep within - and find the reasons, or triggers as to why you feel and act around money the way you currently do. Start by looking back at your financial roots, a deep journey of discovery. When you are there, the next step is to unpick the way your brain has been programmed and fix it up differently so that you can start planting BETTER, POSITIVE money thoughts into your head - so that THEY can become your new beliefs, not those old stinky ones that don’t serve you in any way - and probably never did.

If you would like to do this quickly, so that you can get on with your life, you may wish to consider Money Coaching. Just 4 sessions will really set you on your way - but you will need to stay with me for three months for it to bed in. Fees are negligible compared to continuing as you are, so why not consider it?

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Coaching for individuals, couples or businesses; money coaching circles; archetype consultation; workshops; public speaking.


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