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If you'd like to join this recommendations directory, your listing can be set up pretty quickly. We can comfortably take on and announce 4 new members a month.

You need to be an ethical business with good, genuine reviews to show that you provide an excellent service or quality product so that we can confidently endorse and recommend you and your business.

We get a lot of enquiries and applications and can only take on a few from each industry. Advertisers with the online directory can also post to the Facebook Group wall once a week.

Apply now by messaging cheltmembers@gmail.com!



Set-up Fee: £150

£30 Monthly Membership Fee - minimum term 6 months



Set-up Fee: £150

£150 Monthly Membership Fee - minimum term 6 months



No set-up fee.

£300 Monthly Membership Fee - minimum term 6 months


  • Listing on this website PLUS www.iwork4uglos.co.uk and www.cheltenhamlifestyle.co.uk

  • You can post to the Cheltenham Noticeboard Facebook group wall once a week.

  • Members' Lounge business club.

  • Monthly social media shout out to FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Business mentoring and promotion.

  • Tagging in for recommendations where relevant.

  • Banners (at least once a month) around our groups, pages & sites.

  • Multi-directory membership (48 other directories including SatNavs) - amazing for SEO.

  • Logo & link in monthly magazine; joining announcement in printed mini magazine.


1/4 Page £50 per issue

1/2 Page £100 per issue

Full Page £200 per issue

Back Page £250 per issue

Lineage ad back inside page £10 per issue

Email cheltmembers@gmail.com to apply.

Distribution at most recent issue: 2000 in print. Also circulated online. Distribution continues to grow according to how much advertising space is taken.


Mini magazine.

email us to receive your monthly copy!

Event Promotion: £100 per event

If your business covers the whole of the UK, why not be a part of Local Noticeboard which is our new Nationwide directory. A great way to try out our services at a reduced rate.

Set-up Fee


1) Full page listing on this website.

2) Announcement in next magazine.

3) Announcement on Cheltenham Noticeboard Facebook group (over 20K members).

Register for Payment

We use GoCardless which is a trusted, UK based payment and subscriptions tool.

Once you register your details we will set the payments up from our end. You can ask us to cancel them at any point after the first month, with a month's notice.


Please apply via email to cheltmembers@gmail.com and once the application is approved, get started by registering your payment details with GoCardless.

Sometimes there's a glitch with the application form - email us if so :)

What to Send Us

We can create your full page listing using information taken from your website and social media pages, or you can send us the following:

  • 1 x banner shaped image

  • 3 x square or round images

  • 1 x strapline (if required)

  • 1 x intro paragraph

  • Other content if required.

Email to cheltmembers@gmail.com.


The Cheltenham Noticeboard Facebook group was founded in 2015 by iwork4uglos in order to facilitate recommendations, connections and community notices. It became clear that many local businesses wanted the opportunity to add their information and offers, so we created the daily Advertising & Community Notices post on weekdays where they could comment. Over the years the group has grown and grown and has become a useful and friendly community for Cheltenham people. It is a multicultural group that celebrates unity and diversity.

For buying and selling, use the search bar for the keywords 'buying and selling' and you'll find a post with a picture of Delboy & co from Only Fools & Horses. Lots of other groups are dedicated just to buying and selling but we keep all ours in one post to avoid annoying fellow group members.

We advocate 'adopt, don't shop' and the buying and selling of animals is prohibited. Check out the group rules and help us to keep it all running smoothly by upholding the group motto of KINDNESS.



LOCAL NOTICEBOARD has been in the pipeline for a while and it's here at last...

Joining offer - £50 set-up fee.

Subscription - £10 per month - special offer.


* Full page listing on Local Noticeboard directory.

* Announcement in magazine and on social media.

* Membership of Private Business Club - The Members' Lounge.

Apply now by messaging cheltmembers@gmail.com.


Terms & Conditions

If we receive negative feedback about your business we will contact you to hear your side of the story before making a decision. If we receive more than one piece of negative feedback we reserve the right to cancel your membership and delete your listing straight away.

We recommend at least 6 months of membership to help you raise your profile locally. If you feel that you would like to cancel for any reason then just drop us a line and we’ll cancel it for you. A month’s notice is required.

The group is multicultural, diverse and ethical. You must accept and uphold the guidelines in order to be part of the directory or the group.

​'I just thought I would message you to say that when I first met you, you made me see that I was more than just a beautician in Glos ❤ I wanted to basically do what you do but for the beauty world! Remember, I came to you for advice initially. Since then, I have been building a platform all over the UK. So, thank you for inspiring me to be more!'

​'We've used these services for some years now. Great business. The team is tireless in its dedication to connecting people and businesses in a comprehensive local network. It's often not what you know but who you know and this organisation makes great introductions and holds great events. Great value for money in your marketing spend.'

Clive Coldrick, Marinades

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