Treat Your Skin, Body & Mind

We understand the impact sensitive skin has on your life. It affects not only your skin but your confidence and lifestyle. It makes those small day to day decisions that little bit trickier and we believe what you put on your skin should not be one of them.

We formulate natural organic skincare products using delicious potent oils and butters in their finest and purest form. Our highly effective formulations have been created to soothe, nourish and restore the skin to its optimum state.

We have sourced nutrient rich ingredients which have been intentionally selected for their healing and therapeutic properties that adapt to your skins needs. We handcraft adaptable skincare to balance your skin, body and mind.

Our Founder

I am Jameela, co-founder of Beautifultrooth Apothecary.

After many years of using steroid creams and ointments on my eczema I had had enough and so had my skin. I began the hunt for a natural effective product that would treat my eczema without stripping the pigment out of my skin.

I couldn’t find one so I decided to make my own. My background in Holistic Therapies gave me a good understanding of essential oils, so with that my research began and soon I started to play around with formulations.

Over the last 5 years I have perfected my formulas to create products that heal and strengthen skin and that is how Beautifultrooth Apothecary was born.

'It's sheer heaven, so silky and gentle, and the rose and frankincense hemp body rub is true luxury. Beautiful packaging... classy product!'

Sue Marshall

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