How To Take The Big Leap…. into Entrepreneurship

With ‘The Big Resignation’ ongoing, more and more of us are deciding to take the leap out of our day jobs and into self-employment. But if you’re still on the fence and hesitating on whether now is the right time for you to start your entrepreneurial dream, I have a few tips for you to help you get off the fence so you can start making your dream a reality.

1️. Befriend fear! Our programming naturally makes us fear the uncertainty change will bring, so if you’re hesitating as to whether to start your business you must get comfortable knowing that uncertainty is the only certainty. Fear is an honest intuition of a possible reality, a reality that you must carefully consider, and decide that this possible reality is not going to stop you from following your dreams. To take the first step you must find balance between fear and faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your ability and faith in your vision for the future.

2. Get clarity! Clarity is power, so get clear on exactly what you want, where you want to be, and how you want to feel. The clearer you are on where you want to go, the more likely you are to get there.

3. Uncover your limitations! When we consider what we want, a negative inner voice speaks up telling us we can’t have it and can’t do it. Recognise this internal narrative, write down all the reasons why it’s not possible for you and challenge each reason, aka excuse. We limit ourselves to what we can achieve to subconsciously protect ourselves and keep us in our comfort zone. However, no growth happens in comfort so it’s essential to challenge our limiting beliefs and re-write our inner narrative so we can expand into the person we know we can be.

4. Elevate your self-worth! To start the business, create the success we want for ourselves and grow, we must first believe it’s possible for us. So, now you’re practising a positive and encouraging inner narrative, start to embody the new, confident and empowered version of you. You can use tools such as affirmations, visualisation, meditation and EFT tapping. All these exercises will help you lean into the energy of how you want to feel and when you feel empowered you will make empowered decisions.

5️. Take inspired action! Now you’re getting comfortable outside your comfort zone, you’ve uncovered the limitations holding you back and you believe what you want is possible for you, the next step is to start taking inspired steps towards it. Do not force things and do not rush. The idea now is to trust yourself. Trust that every decision you make, every small step you take will lead you towards the success you want to create for yourself. Self-trust, self-belief and self-compassion are the keys to avoiding overwhelm.

6. REPEAT! New fears and limitations will come up, your clarity will be challenged, your self-worth will be knocked and you may have to re-adjust your goals, so repeat steps 1-5.

Cultivate courage, confidence, integrity, consciousness, inspiration, and conviction… and the business you want is yours for the taking!

About Hayley

Hayley specialises in coaching purpose driven professionals to find and follow their life’s purpose and take the next BIG step on their professional journey.