Gareth Hodges: Handyman

...our well-loved, local handyman

No job too small, no task too challenging – Gareth has over 30 years’ experience on his side.

Gareth regularly works within residential homes carrying out maintenance and repairs and is known for his compassionate and kind nature, being a reliable and friendly gentle giant. He’s a fully insured painter and decorator by trade, also specialising in DIY and refurbishment services.

He makes furniture to bespoke requirements and feels at home in the garden or workshop. Gareth’s expertise within home repairs and maintenance ensures a friendly and efficient service.

Gareth’s handyman services include:


● Tiling

● Plastering

● Carpentry

● Painting & decorating

● Gardening & plant knowledge

A constructed bookshelf

Clean and precise kitchen flooring

Wooden TV unit

'Had a bit of a nightmare as my dog decided to keep pulling the curtains and actually pulled the rail off so I needed someone to put a new one up as I was worried about security. Dear Gareth came to my rescue! Phoned him in the morning and he came out later that day to have a look and fixed it there and then. I am so delighted with his work. He is a real gent and I will certainly be using him again.' Rhonda D’Souza

Garden work

A beautifully crafted shelving unit

Garden and patio tiling

Get in touch at:

07729 689 545 | 01242 285 878