Founded in 2013, Concierge Medical is a national award-winning, home visiting, private General Practice offering personal medical services to you and your family. Our mission is to provide our members with the best private medical care available in the UK.

'The best thing I ever did was to join Concierge Medical. The kindest doctors who drop everything to come to your rescue - I can thoroughly recommend them.' Lady Bathurst, Cirencester

Meet our trusted wellbeing experts.

6 Top Tips for Confidence

  • Read loads of books by inspiring authors. Self development is the key to confidence.

  • Only spend time and energy on people who lift your spirits and love you just as you are.

  • Affirmations. Sounds cheesy but the reason people recommend tools like this over and over again is because they are effective.

  • Meditation and yoga. They bring more peace and you need peace to build confidence.

  • Sleep. When you recharge properly you feel good about yourself.

  • Vitamin D - because it's a hormone responsible for the control of genes, you need to make sure you're not deficient. Feeling good in your body helps you feel good in your mind.

The Camomile Rooms

Helping You To Become A Better You

Whether you are suffering from physical discomfort and need to focus on your health and wellbeing, are overwhelmed and struggling to manage stress levels or just need time out to relax then The Camomile Rooms is the perfect place for you.

Nicky Read is a highly recognised and award-winning therapist and, together with her team of friendly, knowledgeable and highly qualified therapists, is here to help you feel truly relaxed, rebalanced and restored.

The Mindset Coach

'My name is Lorna and I have worked with hundreds of people to make powerful and lasting changes to their lives. I achieve this by using innovative and exciting techniques with my clients to help them develop a positive and confident mindset. These techniques include positive psychology, beliefs work and clinical hypnotherapy. I do have a direct approach as I aim to get results for my clients but I also want people to feel completely at ease with me and leave my room feeling positive and empowered after each and every session!'