My Very Own Stylist

with Wardrobe Editor & Stylist Sarah Tinks Cross

My Very Own Stylists edit wardrobes for any lady who owns an existing wardrobe of clothes from minimal to unmanageable. We sort through every item piece by piece, checking, advising, forming outfit combos and ultimately ensuring each garment works hard for you and earns its place back in your go-to Wardrobe.

We maximise your existing wardrobe of clothes by turning each garment into an outfit, creating a multitude of ready-to-wear combinations appropriate to your lifestyle that you never knew you had.

And no need to memorise a thing - your new looks become your Personal Look-Book which lands straight into your inbox.

Your sustainable wardrobe editing service.

Our Review

Sarah's wardrobe edit service turned out to provide so much more than expected. Her taste is great and she exudes confidence and positivity, so she really does transform your wardrobe with her input. She swishes in, puts her rail up and gets straight to work helping you pick out items you still love, putting them with other items in a new way and making them into outfits that you wouldn't have thought of yourself.

Sarah goes away and creates mood boards for you with all sorts of outfit ideas. I went out that weekend wearing one of her suggested combinations and got lots of compliments.

This service is well worth investing in and gives you a fresh spring in your step and new enjoyment of clothes you already have. Spend money on a wardrobe transformation instead of buying new stuff!