A few things we've learned along the way and would like to share with you.

by Sal at Cheltenham Noticeboard

1) Register your business on Google if you haven't already. Google My Business is apparently being replaced by Maps and Search. Get as many people as you can to leave you a review on there. They can search your business in Maps and there will be an option to leave a review.

2) Get on local directories. This is good for your SEO. Compare the prices with other directories so that you get good value for your spend.

3) If you are brave enough, do videos (on FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter) with advice, tips, stories, opinion. People need to connect with you as a person.

4) They say it takes 7 hours of seeing you before people trust and want to work with you. This could be a combination of watching your videos, meeting for a coffee, reading your content on social media or in a brochure or book, chatting at networking events or parties or at the school gate, attending your workshops, hearing someone else recommend you... etc. (I learnt this tip from Robin Waite, Business Coach.)

5) Work with a coach if you can justify the spend.

6) Engage in groups; offer advice.

7) Read 'Oversubscribed' and 'Key Person of Influence' by Daniel Priestley.

8) Overhaul your FB page and website (if required) and make sure your logo is attractive.

9) Ask an outsider to have a quick look at your literature / online content / website and give feedback. Would it encourage them to work with you / use your services? Ask them to summarise what you do in a way that's easy for people who don't know anything about you to understand.

10) Go for organic and word of mouth. Social media is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the game and make your own rules.

About Sali

Sali helps promote local independent businesses using a holistic and intuitive approach which includes social media, a magazine and recommendations. She attended Chelsea School of Art & Design and has worked as a project secretary for architects, a LINC fundraiser, a market stallholder and DJ.