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Problems, repairs, solutions, upgrades.

A Cheltenham-based IT support company with over two decades of experience in the computer industry. For individual customers and small businesses. Providing home / office visits, remote support. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, networking, wireless.

'Jon was fantastic in helping sort our computer which was tuning so slow. He checked it over and replaced the hard drive and other bits and then reinstalled everything. It now runs so fast and is just like a brand new computer! Jon was super friendly and speedy too. I would highly recommend him.' Mel Aitch

Telephone: 01451 600900

Concierge Medical

Founded in 2013, Concierge Medical is a national award-winning, home visiting, private General Practice offering personal medical services to you and your family. Our mission is to provide our members with the best private medical care available in the UK.

Here are just five of our many benefits…

1️⃣ Access to our dedicated 24/7 telephone advice line.
2️⃣ Flexible appointments at home, or the office, at times that suit you.
3️⃣ Urgent ‘on the day’ appointments always available.
4️⃣ Concierge Pharmacy services – delivered to your door.
5️⃣ Arrangement of blood tests at home with next day results.

Your doctor visits you just like 'the good old days'.

Friendly visits from someone you know and trust.

Health checks, support, prescriptions, diagnosis.

Is there a doctor in the house? There is now! We asked the doctors at Concierge Medical if they'd like to do a column of advice for our readers and they said yes, so here's one by Dr Alia Fahmy.

Ugh! Self-Sabotage

by Janie Whittemore, janiewhittemore.com

I recently gave a talk on 3 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage, and it went well. It was on Zoom, with a slide presentation. Nothing unusual or amazing about that I hear you say. They said it was helpful and interesting, and it resonated with them.

However, these people listening had no idea that I very nearly did not give that talk at all. I so nearly pulled out at the last minute. I was busy finding all the reasons in the book NOT to do it. I had LOTS of very ‘valid’ feeling reasons. Yet, a part of me knew I wanted to go ahead. It is an uncomfortable feeling.

Ironically, I was self-sabotaging myself. 😅

It was true that I had a bad internet connection and I was expecting an engineer.

It was also true that I had a secret feeling that these people would not be interested in the subject.

My confidence was not at a high on this day.

A friend had passed away two days earlier and I had been feeling distracted and sad.

And what did I know about self-sabotage anyway, to be able to help others with it?

So many reasons to hide.

As I put my slides together I realised that the whole situation was just a beautiful illustration of how I can best help people purely by being my authentic self. Because I totally understand how this happens, how it feels, and I experience it myself.

Luckily, I also know what to do and I can go through the steps to change my mindset and get through it! Moreover, I have many years of experience, training and tools to support me.

So I used what I knew and changed my perspective.

And it worked! Phew.

The reasons for self-sabotage can be:

  • low self-esteem

  • imposter syndrome

  • lack of confidence

  • cognitive dissonance

  • fear of failure

  • fear of success

  • wanting control

Which of these apply to you?

Even top high-flying celebs experience self-sabotage. Imposter syndrome is much more common that you might think! Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Serena Williams, Arianna Huffington and more all say they suffer. Hard for us to believe – but this might help you feel better.

Changing Your Perspective

There are things you can do to change your perspective. Much of it is about changing your thought patterns and habitual thinking. I can help you too – ask me about this if you want to stop your self-sabotage. I’m happy to chat – no strings. Or perhaps try some Havening to re-wire your brain.

In the meantime, rest assured, you are quite normal. Half the world seems to have been comfort eating through the pandemic! Now that is another story…

Reminder: We are all a work in progress. Here’s to being the best we can be!

Market Marvels

Wandering down The Suffolks Market this summer I came across Maeve With Love and got chatting to lovely Maeve who upcycles clothes and designs cards and prints.

Maeve is an Artist from West London. She originally studied a degree in Fine Art and then Theatre Costume, where she learnt the history of fashion and how to design, cut and construct costumes. Maeve started her career in London, working in West End Theatres. Her first job was as a Dresser on ‘Guys and Dolls,’ starring Patrick Swayze. As a freelancer she worked back stage at London Fashion Week and in the wardrobe department for touring music concerts for Madonna and Rhianna. She started painting again and felt a need to pursue the path of being an artist. After leaving a job she adored, she had several years to follow of numerous jobs working in arts education and the charity sector, while dedicating all her spare time to painting. During what she would describe as a long journey of trials and challenges, Maeve turned to books on 'the power of thought' and guided positive meditations. Being naturally influenced by the spiritual, self improvement movement, she started to add positive words on to her paintings with the belief that they had an energy that may benefit others.


Murals in San Francisco

We asked Nicola Kirkman of Dragonfly Decor Mural Designs a few nosey questions...

1) Where are you based?

I moved to Cheltenham in 1999 and I'm now based in a beautiful village not too far from town. I'm lucky to be here and love living in the countryside.

2) How did you get into mural design and painting?

I feel my passion for murals was set in motion at the age of 4, when my Mum and I painted a mural on a living room wall of our new house before the decorating was done. It was so exciting to be allowed to paint pictures on the walls.

3) What do you like to do when you aren't working?

When I'm not painting I enjoy photography, which has always been another passion. I specialised in print and photography at art college and it's continued to be a hobby ever since I was given my first camera back in the 80s.

4) Do you like to cook?

I do like to cook, yes! Great food is so important... I may not be the best or most organised cook, but I love to have dinner get togethers and BBQs etc where everyone gets involved, we cook together and it becomes a joint effort to bring tasty food to the table.

5) What has been your most important lesson in life that you could share with our readers?

Most important lesson in life... always follow your passion.

6) Which charity is closest to your heart and why?

There are so many important charities, the list is endless... choosing one is difficult but I'd really like to mention New Start Cat Rescue. Run completely by volunteers and where I found my gorgeous cat Neo.

7) Who is your best friend?

I'm blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that it's tricky to pick the one who is 'the best'. They are all the best at the same time.

8) Favourite song?

Yet another passion of mine... music! Life would be pointless without it. I'll pretty much dance to anything, but my favourite track of all time has to be 'Roadhouse Blues' by Jon Lee Hooker and The Doors.

9) Which mural, anywhere in the world, has inspired you?

I wouldn't say there is any one particular mural that has inspired me, but visiting San Fransisco and every single mural I saw there moved and inspired me. I returned full of excitement and inspired to get painting.

10) What book are you reading?

I'm currently reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.



Mental health education services with Regina Doh

07581 211043



'Person-centred, friendly, conscientious and high quality service.'

REGINA DOH from EmpowerUp talking about Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business

'Just wanted to say how lovely it is to get actual nice post through the door from you. Don’t underestimate how appreciated the magazines will be.'

HELLIE BRUNT talking about Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business magazine

'I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted an old skool classic VW camper, but this modern transporter is swaying my mind. The cosiest, most compact happy space to date! In love 😍'

HETTY ZIEGLER from The Larder talking about M5 Motorhome Hire

'Thank you for your help and support with my business and for teaching me how to use social media to grow my business. I’ve been crazy busy since coming back after lockdown and it’s amazing… the power of advertising and getting your name out there is is incredible. I had a burst of advertising over the last 48 hrs. What was going to be a steady week for me, I’m now fully booked - it’s mental ! Finished at 7pm tonight with no break but I’m super happy.'

Laura Cousins,
Heavenly Holistics

'I’d highly recommend using Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business. I’ve found the team a joy to deal with. They built us a professional web page for the Noticeboard Platform in no time, which looks ace. Quick to respond to calls and emails, very helpful & professional.'

Leigh Kendall,
Aspray Cheltenham

'Great hosting provider with the best customer service.'

Gareth Hopes on Google Reviews, talking about HOOBLE


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Photo by Angela Colley of GeorgieRose Interior Design

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